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  • Sale! Soft Walnut Giri | Kagzi Walnut giriwalnut akhrot soft and hard shell walnut kernels

    Soft Akhrot Giri Gilgiti Walnut

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    Soft Walnut Giri, also called walnut meat or walnut halves, is the edible part of walnuts found within the hard shell. These snacks are popular foods used in baking and cooking to add flavor and texture. One of the key characteristics of Soft walnut kernels is their rich, nutty flavor. This flavor is due to oils within the kernel, which can also contribute to the kernel’s soft texture.

    Besides their delicious taste, Soft Akhrot Giri, In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein, nuts are good sources of all present in these foods. There are a few different ways to prepare and enjoy soft Akhrot Giri. They can be eaten as a snack or used in recipes such as cookies, cakes, and bread. Walnut Giri is also a good source of testosterone.    

  • Sale! Tumuru Tea buy Online | herbal tumuru teahebal tea

    Tumuru Tea | Wild Thyme Free Delivery

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    How to Make Tumuru Tea:

    • Ingredients You’ll Need:
      • Dried wild thyme
      • Water (300 ml)
      • Optional: Khalis Things, organic honey for added taste and flavor
    • Step 1: Boil the Water
      • Pour 300 ml of water into a pan and place it on high heat.
      • Wait until the water comes to a rolling boil.
    • Step 2: Add Dried Wild Thyme
      • Once the water is boiling, add the dried wild thyme to the pan.
      • Reduce the flame to low or medium-low heat to maintain a gentle simmer.
    • Step 3: Simmer the Mixture
      • Cover the pan with a lid to trap the aroma and flavors.
      • Let the tea mixture simmer for about 2 minutes. Keep an eye on it to prevent overcooking.
    • Step 4: Strain the Tea
      • After simmering, carefully strain the Tea into a cup or teapot. The color of the tea may vary depending on the simmering time.
    • Step 5: Customize Your Tea (Optional) Tumuru tea buy online
      • Consider adding Khalis Things or organic honey to your herbal Tea for added taste and flavor. Adjust the sweetness to your preference.

    Enjoy your homemade herbal Tea with the rich, natural flavors of wild thyme and any additional ingredients you add. This simple recipe allows you to experience the unique taste and potential health benefits of herbal Tea right in the comfort of your home.

  • Sale! kilao gilgit | hunza chocolatekilao dry fruit chocolate

    Dry Fruit Chocolate | Walnut Kilao

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    Types of kilao

    There are three types kilao



    and Apricot kilao


    The main ingredients are walnut which is coated with fresh juices of fruits such as grapes juice, apricots juice, and mulberry juice time honey is also used to enhance its taste.


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