No 1 Online Dry Fruit Store In Pakistan

Our Story

Our Story

No # 1 Online Dry Fruits Store in Pakistan

Phamolorganics is a online dried fruits wholesaler based in Gilgit Baltistan with & Branch Office in Rawalpindi. We deliver pure organic dry fruits including  Salajeet , kilao, Honey, walnut (Akhrot) with shell and without shell (walnut kernels), walnut Oil, Almond with shell and without shell(Almond kernels), and Almond Oil. Phamolorganics have been in the dry fruit wholesale business for over five years and continue to serve our customers in various parts of Pakistan.

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Phamolorganics Aim

Our Online Dried Fruits Store Aim is to provide pure organic fruits for our customers all over Pakistan because we care about our customer health “ Eat Healthy stay Healthy “our aim in life is to see our customers happier with our organic products phamolorganics Online Dried Fruits Store never let you regret once you purchase from us We want our customers to be inspired by Phamolorganics and live better, more wholesome lives that are boosted by the goodness of phamolorganics Over time, as a team, have built a great deal of trust and reliability for ourselves around varied sectors. 

The team of phamol exercise the best industrial practices to achieve and ensure consistency with excellence.

If You Wanna to Buy Dry Fruits At wholesale rates or retail prices For Your Shop In Pakistan Feel Free To Contact Us On Whatsapp Or Call Us On 03155359087

Our Products

Online Dried Fruits Store products include, Salajeet, Kilao, Honey, Walnut (Akhrot) With Shell And Without Shell (Walnut Kernels), Walnut Oil, Almond With Shell And Without Shell(Almond Kernels), Almond Oil,

Who We Are

The Phamolorganics No # 1 Online Dry Fruits Store in Pakistan is a dried fruits company located in Gilgit Baltistan ( Hunza Hussainabad ) & Branch Office in RawalPindi and we delivers pure organic dry fruits all around Pakistan online and offline

The quality of your dry fruits is truly unparalleled. Each bite feels like a burst of natural flavor, and the freshness is unmatched. It's evident that you take great care in sourcing and maintaining the quality of your products.
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Why Choose Us

Free Home Delivery on all Dried Fruits

Buy pure organics fresh online dry fruits store in pakistan

Online Dried Fruit Store in Pakistan

No One Online Dry fruit Store In Pakistan


Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

Curated Products

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

Alway Fresh

We deliver fresh organic dried fruits products all over pakistan

100% Natural

We have pure organic 100% natural dry fruits from Gilgit-Baltistan.


Modern Farm

Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.



Phamolorganics No # 1 Online Dry Fruits Store in Pakistan provide Chemical free organics for our customers all over Pakistan